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China PWM LED Light Solar Controller
SMR1006-DCN5XLi is a sort of lithium solar controller.  
It is fit for 12V/24V automatic recognition, 10A maximum charging current and 40/60W maximum load power.
Smart-DCLi is improved on the basis of Smart-DC, increases the special circuit for lithium battery and software control, suitable for various lithium batteries solar street light system.
SMR1006-DCN5XLi lithium solar controller uses MPPT & 365 mode, which is patented technology of Skywise.
MPPT & 365 mode can greatly improve the utilization ratio of solar modules and lithium batteries in the system, with the most reasonable system matching, to achieve the requirements of high brightness and highlight rate, effectively prolong the lighting time in rainy days, reduce resource consumption, protect the environment and reduce costs.
The models of this technology are: MPPT1050-DCLi,MPPT0875-DCLi,
MPPT0650-DCLi , SMR1006-DCN5MLi, SMR1006-CCN5MLi
 China PWM LED Light Solar Controller

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